Azurite Cuff   Azurite blueberry cuff with tanzanite, 22k gold, hand woven fine and sterling silver
 Hand woven cuff, 22k gold, oxidized silver, Australian boulder opal and Mexican fire opal.
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 Hand Woven Silver Cuff with Australian boulder opal in ironstone matrix
 hand woven cuff, fine and sterling silver with carved druse from Germany and rubies in 18k gold
 Hand woven oxidized silver cuff with Bisbee turquoise and appetite set in 14k gold
 Hand Woven Cuffs, 22k gold, oxidized silver and assorted gemstones.
  Hand woven oxidized silver cuff.    “Sunburst”    by Cynthia Downs    Mexican Opal surrounded in 22k gold.      This energy is conducive to mystery, variety, progress and change.  It helps one “maintain” during stressful situations and brings hope in the future and faith in the self.    
  Hand woven oxidized silver cuff.    “Guardian Angel”    by Cynthia Downs    Australian boulder opal in ironstone matrix with tanzanite, surrounded in 22k gold.    This type of opal brings clarity to problems while remaining centered during the decision-making and stress.  Tanzanite can be used to stimulate the crown chakra to produce visions of the higher spiritual realm and invites protection and safety during all activities
 Hand woven, oxidized silver and 22k gold cuff with Australian boulder opal
 Australian boulder opal, 22k gold, hand woven oxidized silver
 Australian boulder opal and 22k gold and oxidized silver.
 Hand woven cuff, Australian boulder opal, tanzanite, 22k gold, oxidized silver.
 White Buffalo turquoise, 22k gold, oxidized silver
 Hand woven cuff of  22k gold and oxidized silver.
 Australian boulder opal, amethyst, 22k Gold, fine and sterling silver
 Australian boulder opal, tanzanites, 22k gold, fine and sterling silver.
Guardian Angel Cuff
 Agate drusy, fine & sterling silver.
 Hand woven cuff, fine and sterling silver, 22k gold, lapis and ruby.
 22k gold, fine & sterling silver and sapphire.
 Chrysoprase and Australian Boulder Opal
 Australian boulder opal, azurite and sapphire and 22k gold, fine & sterling silver.
 Turquoise, Australian boulder opal and fine & sterling silver.
  Amethyst and Peridot, fine and sterling silver.
 Uvarovite and black drusy and 22k and fine & sterling silver.
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