Cynthia Downs-Apodaca

In 1995 Cynthia moved from Boston MA to Tucson AZ.  This was a pivotal move in all aspects of her life.  She left behind the Bostonian urban culture to embrace the giant open skies and desert wildlife.  Leaving 30 years of the corporate world behind, she entered the unknown to realize her dream of becoming a successful artist in metalsmithing.

While living in Boston, Cynthia began taking evening courses at Mass. College of Art in metalsmithing.  Her fascination for unusual stones, fossils and minerals prompted her desire to take this direction.  Upon entering this new world, life as she knew it changed almost immediately.  As her creativity unfolded, her passion to fulfill her new destiny grew. 

Willing to take a chance on herself and establish her own business, she sold her Boston condo to fund her new endeavor.    As a result, she was able to buy materials, build a noteworthy body of work and apply to well-known, nationally juried art shows.   It took many leaps of faith to begin her new career.  Her first professional show was in 1999.

The evolution in her life and art has brought together a full, rich canvas of experiences making her life today joyful, creative and spiritual.  Experiencing the natural surroundings of the desert stirred something deep within her soul.  This is evoked in her work, where at times, she uses castings from elements of the desert, or creates similar textures in silver and gold.    Integrating traditional metalsmithing techniques with textile techniques became a way to express her designs in a more ethereal manner.  “Weaving is truly a meditative experience, which also taught me patience.”

Cynthia’s design process centers around the stone.  “Sometimes the stone may command a more elaborate setting to tell its story.  However, there are times it’s really all about the beauty of the stone itself, and therefore, is presented with simplicity and elegance.”  Her design process is intuitive and spontaneous and has evolved along with her skills to create unique and haunting one-of-a-kind work.

A comment that depicts Cynthia’s attitude on art and life .... “As a young girl, I was frightened by a statement someone made:  The only thing in life that does not change, is change, itself.  Now I am ever grateful to enjoy this miraculous journey of life and completely embrace the evolution around me and within me. Over the years, Cynthia has become a successful, award-winning artist. and has exhibited in prestigious, nationally juried shows from New York City, Baltimore and Philadelphia, to Los Angeles and San Francisco. She currently lives with her husband in Tucson, AZ.

Private viewings of Cynthia's jewelry are by appointment only.

Commissions upon request.