Thunderbird   Australian boulder opal, amethyst, tsavorite, hand woven 22k gold and silver
  Zenith Garden  Garnet, Texas bouquet agate, 22k gold, sterling silver.
  Medicine Woman   Australian boulder opal, agate druse, pearl, 22k gold, sterling silver.
  Medicine woman
Medicine Woman No. 1
Medicine Woman No. 2
Medicine Woman No.3
  Medicine Woman #6    “Full Moon Priestess”    by Cynthia Downs    This talisman is a reminder that we are all part of a larger collective consciousness that we can tap into at any time.  Agate can be used to facilitate great strength and provide protection, so that one can relax while going into the unknown.  Amethyst provides clarity.  Blue topaz helps bring the body, mind and spirit together with the perfection of the universe.    22k, 18k gold, fine and sterling silver
     Medicine Woman #7    “Night Sky Keeper”     by Cynthia Downs    At nightfall,  rather than focus on the shadows and fears, we have the ability to see the unending beauty of the stars and the universe. We are reminded that anything is possible.  Opal can assist in helping you recognize and feel your creativity within and provides inspiration and imagination to all situations.  Amethyst provides clarity.  Ruby and pearl stimulates spiritual wisdom, health, and knowledge.    18k gold, cast sterling silver twigs, fine silver.
  Medicine Woman #8   Sacred Path Keeper  by Cynthia Downs  Onyx is used for centering and aligning the total person with higher powers.  Jasper provides protection and assistance during times of travel. Citrine promotes positive energy.   This talisman is a reminder to keep you on your chosen path, and it will guide you to the higher paths io your journey.   
  Medicine Woman #14   22k gold, sterling silver, Larimar, Blue Topaz, Ruby.
  Medicine Woman   with 22k gold and silver, amethyst, Australian boulder opal and black drusy
  Medicine Woman #5   “Cloud Bird”  By Cynthia Downs  This talisman is a reminder that you always have the power to connect from Mother Earth to the upper realms of wisdom in the Universe.  Jasper reminds us to bring joy and substance to others, and helps to release the bonds of constraint.  Both garnet and citrine are used to transmute negative energy into a beneficial state.  22k gold, fine and sterling silver
  Medicine Woman #12   by Cynthia Downs  22k gold, silver, garnet, Australian boulder opal in Ironstone matrix, chrysoprase
  Medicine Woman    22k gold and silver with Mexican opal, orange citrine.  The main stone is a natural growth of calcite, smoky quartz crystal and spessartine garnet crysta
  Medicine Woman # 11   High Desert Shaman  by Cynthia Downs  The fire in the Mexican Opal contains energy which is conducive to mystery, variety, progress and change.  It assists one to look within the self to understand the many facets of one’s life and the basis behind the changing tides of one’s existence.  Agate provides for perceptiveness to situations and awakens one’s talents.  22k Gold, Sterling Silver   
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