Azurite Opal Neckpiece   Azurite blueberry, uvarovite, Australian boulder opal, 22k gold, sterling silver
The Emerald Queen
  Green tourmaline crystal, ocean jasper with a small pink tourmaline accent, sterling silver
 Topaz crystal neckpiece, hand cabled silver.
 Quartz crystal neckpiece, hand cabled, oxidized silver.
 Petrified Palmwood, opal, faceted orange citrine
 Sterling silver neckpiece of raw chrysocolla drusy and tenorite, and black drusy
 Neckpiece of 22k gold and silver, carved black onyx drusy and ruby
 22k gold and sterling silver neckpiece, Australian boulder opal, amethyst, peridot
 neckpiece of 22k gold and silver, natural azurite and Australian boulder opal in ironstone matrix
 Guardian of Joy - Moakite from Australia, carved bone, garnet, fine and sterling silver.
 Hummingbird Neckpiece:  18k yellow gold, 14k white gold
 Hummingbird Neckpiece:  18k yellow gold, 14k white gold
Opal Vine
 Amethyst crystal cluster, Australian boulder opal. 22k gold and sterling silver.
 Australian boulder opal, chrysocolla drusy. 22k gold and sterling silver.
 Magnatite and quartz crystal. Sterling silver.
Ancient Voices
 Apophyllite crystal, Australian boulder opal and sterling silver.
 Apophyllite & stillbite crystal cluster, pearls, fine & sterling silver.
 Apophyllite crystal cluster and hand made, oxidized silver cable.
Earth Treasures
 Tourmaline & quartz crystal cluster and hand made oxidized silver cable.
Lapis Dream
Sea Tangle Vine
Ancient Journey
 Australian boulder opal, chrisophrase, amethyst, London blue Topas, teardrop pearls, hand woven fine and sterling silver, 22k gold.
 Hand cabled silver neck pieces and bracelets in oxidized silver and plain silver.  Usually 16 and 18", the neck pieces can be made to specific measurements.
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