Montana agate, black druse, sterling and fine silver.
  Spirit in the Garden     Australian boulder opal, pearls, 14k r rose gold and sterling silver.
 Red amethyst crystal cluster and Ethiopian opal in sterling silver
 Lavender amethyst crystal with iron inclusions, accented with small amethyst.  All sterling silver.
  Fallen Leaf   Brazilian druse, tsavorite, carved leaf druse.
  Blueberry   Azurite blueberry pendant, 22k gold, fine and sterling silver.
  Waterfall   Pendant, all 22k gold, Australian boulder opal (naturally scenic), peach citrine, quartz crystal from India.
 Doubly terminated amethyst crystal specimen, sterling silver.
  Doubly Amethyst Pendant   doubly terminated crystal specimen with small accent amethyst, sterling silver
  Moonlit Mountains Pendant  Natural agate, coin pearl, 22k gold, sterling silver.
  Bumlebee   Jasper Pendant   and black druse, fine and oxidized sterling silver
Ocean Magic Pendant
 Azurite, sterling silver and 22k gold.
Amethyst Pendant
Fallen Skies Pendant
 Sterling silver crystal pendant with light blue and light pink highlights,  Australian boulder opal set in 22k gold.
 Sterling silver crystal pendant with rust colored highlights, pyritized ammonite fossil.
 Crystal, Australian boulder opal, sterling silver.
 Wearable Cairn:  beach stones, Mexican opal, 18k gold, sterling silver.   Cairns are often placed on paths in the wilderness to mark a direction   which is not obvious.   I believe cairns also symbolize junctures   you choose in your journey in life.  This   cairn is a talisman to remind you of your particular path and your success in   finding your way.  
 Agate geode and sterling silver.
Ocean Trinket Pendant
 Pyritized ammonite chamber, rudilated quartz bullet, garnets, 22k gold and sterling silver.
 Crystal cluster with drusy, 22k and sterling silver.
Butterfly Pendant
Fancy Dancer
Water Bird Pendant
 Hand woven 22k gold, fine and sterling silver, butterfly wing, mica.
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